Sunday, 15 November 2020

Find your purpose


First of all, it makes sense to get people to think about where they find the greatest importance in their life and within their work, where they are currently working and where they want to be working in the future. The following exercise can help you with this.


To get started, Craft your calling grab a pen and paper and capture your answers in a few sentences or with simple sketches.


Step 1: seek passion

When was the last time you felt meaning?


If you want to find your "purpose", look at the past. Just project it into the future or imagine how that sense could show itself. Where has your mind already appeared?


Thinking about the moments that you are most proud of, whether at work or in your personal life. These aren't necessarily your biggest gains, but the things you've done have made you feel good. What did you do? When have you been your best personally or professionally? Name and sketch a moment (e.g. projects, scenarios) in which you, your team or your organization shone the brightest.


Step 2: Finding People

Who did you serve


The most powerful purpose is often serving others - people outside your own walls, such as your customers, your community, or society at large. As you look back on your meaningful moments personally or professionally, when did you work to help, support?

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