Thursday, 5 March 2020

Kambo Natural healing

Kambo, a traditional natural remedy is used by various indigenous tribes of the Amazon. It is obtained from the skin secretions of the South American nocturnal tree frog.

Because of its potent effect on the whole human body, the kambo-frog treatment has been used for ages in the Amazon area.

It is used for:
       Physical strength and stamina
       Luck and zest of life.
       Spiritual and mental clarity

       Healing and cleansing of the body

The ancient knowledge of the Amazon such as the Kambo treatmen are disappearing rapidly because many of the younger generations are less interested in their traditional medicine and do not want to continue the work of their ancestors.  This is why we as Kambo Naturista have made it our mission to study this sacred knowledge in its natural environment so that we may preserve and share its spirit and life.