Thursday, 8 October 2020

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Inventors & How To Avoid Them

You absolutely need help from many different people. You need it from your friends and colleagues, especially if the field from which your patent is, is familiar to them. It is very possible that they can give you some very important tips to further improve your invention. Then you need industry insiders who will tell you the real state of affairs. InventHelp Inventors This will affect your decision on how much to invest in the patent, which trade shows to go to and many other things that mainly concern production placement. Also, companies that deal with providing assistance to inventors can be of great help. Visit to see how one of these companies can help you.


Public use before patenting. Using or talking about your future patent before you apply for patent registration can lead to someone stealing it from you without you being able to do anything about it. In the USA, you must apply for registration within one year of first appearing in public with a patent, otherwise, you lose the right after that and someone else can register it as your patent. In some countries, the deadline is even shorter. That is why it is best not to appear in public at all before applying for a patent. Don’t show it in public, and let as few people as possible know about it, especially the details.

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