Sunday, 22 May 2016

Austin Solar Pool Heaters - Austin Solar Pool Heating

SolarTEK Energy provides Austin  Solar Pool Heaters & Pool Heating Systems are custom designed for installation by SolarTEK Energy our personnel will provide the best Austin  Solar Pool Services. No matter who is responsible for installing your Austin  solar pool heater the following three steps will begin the process of preparing your home for your solar pool heater.

1. The process begins by measuring the average length and the average width of your pool in order to determine the total surface area required for your solar pool heater. For example, if your pool is 20 ft. x 30 ft this equals 600 square feet of solar swimming pool and if you have a spa this square footage must also be included.

2. The second step is to calculate your solar pool coverage. For every square foot of solar pool surface area in your property, you will need at least 50% in solar square footage. This is the suggested minimum size based on typical solar heating performance in San Antonio and past customer satisfaction. Larger solar pool panel systems can be used to gain even higher temperatures and a longer swimming season. For most applications 80% coverage is optimum for comfortable swimming temperatures and a maximum solar pool swim season.

3. The third step is to consider all possible locations for installing your solar collectors at your home. You can use any sloped roof that does not face to the north with the most effective angle orientations towards the south, west, east and flat. SolarTEK Energy collectors may be placed on any roof or patio cover and it is permissible to place SolarTEK Energy panels on more than one roof area to gain the desired total square footage. Direct Austin  sunshine hitting the solar panel collectors is what produces heat for solar pools.

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